Camp Mummy 2014

Soon the madness will begin. Hopefully we’ll get dressed occasionally.

This summer is the first that I’ll be home with the kids, at least until the youngest go to see their Dad for a few weeks. If we don’t have plans and goals, I fear we’ll all lounge about in our pajamas all day, our brains and bodies slowly atrophying, too lazy to even feed ourselves properly.

I’ll get cranky. The kids will get whiny. By the time Adam gets home from work I’ll be begging him for a break, glass of wine in hand.

Alternatively, we could make some plans for fun: science experiments, book clubs, camping, visiting parks and playgrounds, swimming.

The list has been started.

The countdown to summer had begun.

Three weeks of school remain.

What will Campy Mummy 2014 hold in store?