Breastfeeding on a plane

I’ve written before about how I feel about breastfeeding in public. Not only is it OK and legally protected, but comfortable accomodations should be made for nursing mothers.

Delta and Freedom airlines apparently disagree. They kicked a woman off one of their flights for discreetly nursing her 22-month-old in the back of the plane.

Um, hello? Are they insane? It doesn’t matter how you feel about extended breast-feeding (and we’re still doing it – yep, I’m still nursing a 16-month-old who eats real food, while 4 1/2 months pregnant), the fact is that she had a legal right to breast feed her child anywhere she needed to. Plus the flight had been delayed for 3 hours and was about to take off (and nursing is a great way for kids to stay calm and not have their ears pop during takeoff and landing).

What I love, though, is that a group of women in Burlingto, VT, where it happened, had a nursing demonstration in front of the Delta check-in yesterday. That’s just perfect.

I used to love flying as a kid. Now, between security, the fact I’m not sure if I can even bring food or liquid on the plane with me, and the stress of being cramped in a little seat with a little kid (and a growing belly) it totally doesn’t appeal to me anymore. I’ll do it if I have to, but I need good reason. And then I’d better be on Jet Blue. At least they treat you decently.

If, like me, you’d like to tell Delta how you feel about their treatment of breastfeeding mothers, you can send them your comments here. 🙂 I did.