Breast friends again

Negotiations this week were successful.

After 2 days of lots of screaming and crying and nipple refusal at mealtimes, the nursing pair have made up.

What’s bizarre to me – and quite funny – is that he’s like a lover after a fight. He’s completely in love with the boob now and takes to it every moment he can, really savoring the meal. He’s back to both breasts at a feeding too, when he’d gone down to just one most of the time.

If you’re not nursing, this probably sounds really, really odd. Sorry about that.

I just find it an intensely interesting experience. I am this kid’s sole source of food, after all. And if he doesn’t want to take it from me, I have to figure out why and what’s up and what I can do (if anything) to get it back on track again.

So all is well again in breastville, thankfully.