Bottoms up, milk bottle

We gave Duncan his first bottle of breast milk last night. (We also went out for a belated anniversary dinner which he blissfully slept right through.)

It was during the post-dinner movie (at home) that he woke up and wanted to be fed so we thought – given that he’s more than 3 weeks old now – that we’d give the bottle a shot.

So I warmed up the bottle of expressed milk and handed it to Daddy. It took a few tries – mainly because the little D was crying by this point as he was HUNGRY – but we got it going and the little piggy ate away.

It took a long time, though. Between all of us figuring it out (get the bottle nipple well in there so he’s sucking against the part that’s supposed to look like my breast) and the burping and restarting again, he sucked for an hour. It only took me about 15 minutes to pump 6 oz of milk (for the next time or two). And then we let him (and us) rest a bit until he started fussing again. I think there was a diaper change in there somewhere, too.

But get this. I had about 4 1/2 oz of milk in the bottle. Over a 2-hour period, he drank it all — in fact he sucked the last 2 oz right out of there — and then wanted more so I put him to the breast. Both of them! It was only after that he finally went to sleep for “the night” (i.e. for the next 4 hours, 6 hours from the start of his feeding).

I have two things to say:

1. I love breast feeding. There’s no warming of milk, sterilizing of bottles and no measuring. He just eats what he needs and my body produces more.

2. How much DOES this guy eat on a daily basis? What I’ve read says to figure 2 1/2 oz per pound of body weight each 24 hours. We don’t know exactly how much he weighs, but it’s probably about 10-11 lbs by now (4-7 oz a week weight gain for 3 1/2 weeks). So that’s 25-28 oz of milk a day. Divided by the number of daily feedings – about 8 – that’s about 3 1/2 oz per feeding. Not 4 1/2 oz plus both boobs! Oh well. At least we can say he’s thriving, certainly 😉

He’s also snoring right now. In his sling. Thank heavens for the sling (which we’ve finally figured out how to use decently). He goes right to sleep and I can get stuff done. Like more laundry.

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  1. Carrie did that the first time she had a bottle too. I think she didn’t realize that the milk in the bottle was food that first time. 🙂

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