Level-up your mediumship abilities

Led by Light, book 2Led by Light: How to Develop Your Intuitive Mediumship Abilities, Book 2: Developing

This comprehensive, down-to-earth guide leads you through all the phases of mental and physical mediumship, explaining how they work and how to receive information from Spirit.
With this book you’ll learn how to:

  • Determine your dominant intuitive senses
  • Open your psychic senses and their associated chakras
  • Develop each of the phases of mental mediumship: Claircognizance, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairgustance, Clairalience, Clairsentience
  • Understand the messages you receive
  • Give and receive evidential messages from Spirit
  • Understand how physical mediumship works and how to develop table-tipping, levitation, transfiguration, spoon bending, direct voice, automatic writing, trance channeling and pendulum dowsing phenomena and more

Packed with accessible exercises, you’ll not only be able to develop these abilities yourself, but you’ll be guided with explanations of how each of these phenomena and intuitive senses feels when you’re connecting with Spirit.



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What readers are saying:

“This book and the previous are definitely must-haves for anyone’s library on developing intuition and mediumship abilities with integrity.”

“Awesome book! It’s very comprehensive and well organized. This book is great for anyone who is looking for a clear view on the subject of mediumship.”


“Joanna is an experienced medium and very knowledgeable in the Spiritualist approach to mediumship, allowing her books and teachings to be a great foundation for beginning your intuitive work and mediumship studies.” – Susan Fiandach, Connie Wake authors of “Everyday Conversations” books and classes on psychic-medium studies

“Joanna Bartlett’s “Led by Light” is written in a lovely, accessible voice. Touching on many aspects of both mental and physical mediumship, Joanna offers sound practices as well as very useful and effective exercises and meditations. As a mentor to up-and-coming mediums, I highly recommend having this one in your learning library if you are interested in or currently on the path to developing your mediumship abilities.” – Clare McNaul,
Psychic Medium, author of Five Steps to Communicating with Spirit, Books 1 and 2 and The Pretty Big Book of Symbols.