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Butterfly BuddiesThe Awesomely Amazing Adventures of Cherry: Butterfly Buddies

By Joanna Bartlett
Illustrated by Berry Gustina

Friendship. Magic. Truth.

Nine-year-old Cherry’s life looks perfect on the outside. Living in a great big house with a treehouse in the backyard. Surrounded by family: a brother, two step-siblings, even a foreign exchange sister. A loving mom and a geeky step-dad who offers daily science news.

But every year something big happens to change her life—and it’s not always good. Now her dad lives across the country. Her nana and cat both died. And her siblings…well, they’re great—except when they aren’t.

When this year’s big thing happens, Cherry has some choices to make. Does she stick with what she knows is true, even if it means risking a lifelong friendship? Does she fight to stop her bratty enemy from stealing her crush? And is it worth loving people if they all leave her in the end?

The Awesomely Amazing Adventures of Cherry: Butterfly Buddies takes you on a journey through the magic of family, friendship and the importance of keeping an open heart.

Published July 2016

Ages 6-9 (Grades 1-3)

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What readers are saying:

“A story about family, friendship and love. My favorite quote from the book was, “It’s good to have a special friend who speaks to your heart.” -Mama. The illustrations are fun-tastic, they add what words can’t express.”

“A sweet adventure about a young girl struggling with a new step family and a father cross the country. It follows her adventure as she follows a butterfly that opens her heart and finds her place with family and friends.”

“My daughter who is 9 loved reading this book.”

“A beautifully written (and illustrated!) story with an arc that shares so much of a young girl’s journey as she navigates changes within her family and within herself.”