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Spiritual Symbols WorkbookThe Spiritual Symbols Workbook: Create your personal dictionary of intuitive, psychic and metaphysical symbols

Develop your own dictionary of Spirit’s signs and symbols with this easy-to-use workbook.

Your dreams, intuition and Spirit often come to you in symbols. Knowing what different symbols mean to you is essential in developing your intuitive abilities.

While you can ask each and every time when you receive a message what a specific symbol means, it’s much easier and less confusing to have an established set of symbols through which Spirit can work with you. It’s like psychic shorthand.

This symbol dictionary workbook provides an organized way to work with your spiritual symbols. Almost every intuition, mediumship or psychic development teacher recommends creating a symbol dictionary that you fill in as you meditate and work on developing your abilities. But it’s logistically difficult. How do you find each entry when you need it?

This intuitive workbook makes it easy. More than 1,500 common symbols are organized into categories and subcategories. Plus there’s an index in the back.

Now you can deepen your connection with Spirit and keep track of it all in this handy workbook.

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What readers are saying:

“You get out of this book what you put into it. Take time to outline your symbolic personal language with spirit then record it and use this book as a personal reference guide tailored just for you!”


Spirituality Today says, “The Spiritual Symbols Workbook is a terrific idea for it encourages its reader to make a serious and in depth study of the myriad of symbols that well up from within their subconscious realms via nightly dreams and daily meditations. This is a book that many will find they have been waiting for and which they will undoubtedly find to become an indispensable guide in their lives.”