Connect with your intuition through coloring meditation

Intuitive Symbols coloring bookIntuitive Symbols Coloring Book:
Unlock your intuition through meditative coloring

Enjoy 30 relaxing coloring pages full of everyday objects to help you get into a quiet meditative state and connect with your intuition.

Intuitive messages come to you in all sorts of ways – often through symbols that we receive in our daily lives. By connecting with your intuition, through active meditation, while coloring those images, you can find out what those symbols mean to you.

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What people are saying:

” Using the process of coloring as a bit of meditation along with thoughtfulness of beginning to build a symbol dictionary is really helpful. Those of us with crazy, busy lives can use a tool to slow our minds and allow us to let our intuitive selves grow.”

“I calmed down and contemplated some things I’d been mulling over the last few weeks…it was strangely cathartic to fill in the blanks and slowly bring the page to completion. I’d occasionally scribble something in the prompts below as I pondered my career and the things about it that give me frustration and joy. I wouldn’t exactly call my finished product art, but I think I came away from that coloring page with a little more clarity than when I started”

“This book is on nice quality paper, and has 30 pages of everyday objects and symbols for meditative coloring (family-friendly). Joanna has written a lovely introduction describing how symbols can be a powerful way for us to communicate, and actively coloring these symbols helps us to reconnect to our intuition through meditation, and as we recognize symbols throughout our day. The artwork is well drawn, balanced, and varied.”