Led by Light, book 1

Develop your intuitive mediumship abilities safely and easily

If you think you’re psychic, you probably are.

Learn how to develop your psychic (or intuitive) abilities and connect and communicate with Spirit in a grounded, practical, safe way. In this down-to-earth guide, you’ll get a solid foundation for developing and controlling your innate mediumship abilities.

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Led by Light, book 2

Further your mental and physical mediumship abilities

Level up your mediumship abilities with this comprehensive guide to all aspects of mental and physical mediumship.

Learn about clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairalience and clairgustance through explanations and exercises that you can do yourself. You’ll learn what each of the psychic or intuitive senses actually feels like when you experience it.

You’ll also get insight into the mystery of physical mediumship. How to tables move around the room or voices of Spirit loved ones come out of a trumpet?

This down-to-earth, comprehensive guide will demystify the mysteries of mediumship and help you safely grow and strengthen your own abilities.

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Butterfly Buddies

The Awesomely Amazing Adventures of Cherry: Butterfly Buddies

By Joanna Bartlett
Illustrated by Berry Gustina

The Awesomely Amazing Adventures of Cherry: Butterfly Buddies takes you on a journey through the magic of family, friendship and the importance of keeping an open heart. For ages 6-9 (Grades 1-3).

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Intuitive Symbols coloring book

Intuitive Symbols Coloring Book: Unlockyour intuition through meditative coloring

Intuitive messages come to you in all sorts of ways – often through symbols that we receive in our daily lives. With these 30 relaxing coloring pages, full of everyday objects, you can get into a quiet meditative state and connect with your intuition.

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Spiritual Symbols Workbook

The Spiritual Symbols Workbook: Create your personal dictionary of intuitive, psychic and metaphysical symbols

Your dreams, intuition and Spirit often come to you in symbols. Knowing what different symbols mean to you is essential in developing your intuitive abilities. This easy-to-use workbook will help you develop your own dictionary of Spirit’s signs and symbols.

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