Blogging in my head

I want you to know that I’ve been blogging. In my head.

Somehow the act of taking those “head thoughts” and turning them into “written thoughts” is just too much effort most days. But I think about it all the time. Mostly I think about how lame I’ve become about it.

Partly, I’ve been busy. Most of my awake non-Duncan time that is spent working. I’m working as much now as I was when I was at RIT. Not making as much money yet. But working hard.

I’ve also been somewhat exhausted when I haven’t been working. I used to get in a couple of hours of computer time after Duncan went to bed. Now I plop on the couch for an hour or so after dinner, watch some TV and fold laundry. It’s an exciting life.

Growing new human life takes a lot of you. And I thought this pregnancy would be easier.

So those are my excuses.

How am I finding the time to blog right now, you wonder? Well, right now I’m procrastinating about doing something else.

One thought on “Blogging in my head

  1. My second pregnancy was harder than my first. I think it is the combination of having a little one to chase around, at the same time you are trying to grow the new one. There were plenty of days I told Hamlet that I couldn’t play with him but sat and watched him (while I was reading, or writing on my PDA). I won’t mention my last month.

    Take it easy and give yourself a few extra days off!

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