Block. Writing. Not going anywhere. Unable to get words on the page. Afraid that they’ll just be a large jumble, not making any sense. Because if they won’t string together in my head, why would they when I type them?

That’s how it’s been for a good week or two. Just unable to get them out, get the stories down, the press releases written. There’s a deadness in my mind when I approach words.

I think every writer goes through this. We all sit here in front of our screens and notebooks wondering when the words will come and from where they come to begin with. And, for some reason, facing the process of just putting them down, one after the other, becomes so hard to bear. Almost too much. Too much on many days. And so we procrastinate and see the deadline looming and hope no one else notices.

But that’s why writer’s have deadlines. Otherwise we’d procrastinate our words and lives away.