Birthday round two

There was once a time of innocence around birthdays and Christmas. And even chocolate.

It took Duncan several years to catch on to what to do with all the presents wrapped in pretty paper. But Berry? Perhaps because she had an older sibling who was just getting it. Perhaps because she’s a girl. Perhaps because she is the irrepressible spirit known as Berry — she figured it out a lot sooner.

Wednesday was Berry’s 3rd birthday. She enjoyed ripping open her presents galore.

First, one from Daddy – a princess painting complete with sparkly gems:

Then the card:

Duncan got her a Hello Kitty DVD (we’ll finally get to find out what Hello Kitty sounds like):

And there were lots of clothes and books from Gram and Granddad Pocobello:

Mummy (that’s me) got her a big puzzle (among other things):

And Nanny gave her a baby doll (that’s the princess painting in the background on the kitchen counter):

The baby doll was a hit:

Yesterday, another present arrived — a pink and purple tie-dye dress from Aunt Karen and Uncle Jonny, so I’ll include the photo here:

Then it was time to eat cake (well, after dinner) and devour the icing from the Barbie in the middle of the princess cake:

Just in case that picture doesn’t tell enough of the story, here’s a short movie of the event:

I think another box is still on its way from Grandma and Papa Rog – documentation of its opening will be featured here after it arrives. I’m thankful the birthday cake has finally been devoured and Barbie found her clothes. I keep meaning to post the details of how she was created — maybe I’ll get to it someday soon.