Best of Rochester

OK, so not enough of you guys voted for me as best Rochester blog! But somehow, mysteriously, there are a couple of things related to me that did make it in City Newspaper’s Best of Rochester.

Plymouth Spiritualist Church came in second as Best Church Dinner (and who cooks those church meals, huh? Who got pancake breakfasts going every month? And put fruit in them?)

And, I think that the last comment under “Evidence we’re all going to hell” is mine: We’re not going to hell, that’s not very positive. Think positively!

The comment directly below for “Best way to lure people to the area: alcohol” also looks very familiar…I think that was Kevin’s (and probably some other people’s too).

So, 2 blog posts in 1 day and both about living in Rochester.

One thought on “Best of Rochester

  1. hi there, just discovered your blog today…i’m a fellow rochesterian import. i’ve been here about four years now. glad to find you, i’ll be reading…

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