Berry visits the doctor

Yesterday I took Berry for her follow-up doctor visit for her fractured arm. With a photographer in tow.

The Foundation is always in need of good caregiver and patient photos and it’s hard to get them when people are in the hospital, sick and in need of care. It’s hardly the time you want to put a camera in someone’s face.

So, our wonderful photographer, Deborah, came along to capture some moments of visiting the pediatrician and getting xrays. Here are some of the out takes.

Waiting in the doctor’s office:

Poor baby in a splint:

Waiting for her x-ray:

Getting the x-ray:

And the prognosis? Her bone is healing well, but she still declares she has some pain when it’s touched, so we keep the splint on for another week. Then it comes off and we observe, while not letting her do crazy arm-related things, like batting practice and handstands. Wish us luck on that one.