Beginning to wait

Work is good. Life is good. We’re ready for Berry to arrive, pretty much.

The waiting begins, I think. Somewhere in my head I kinda hoped that she’d be born on Easter. No particular reason. Just a fancy. A whim.

I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s 9 days before her due date. Duncan was born 10 days AFTER his due date, after I was induced. Thinking I’m going to have an early baby is…well…self-torture, pretty much.

But we’ve been getting ready in any case. The bassinette has been carried upstairs, the bedding is in the wash, Duncan is in his new room, the changing table is in Berry’s room, the car seat is installed (mostly correctly).

Every strange, sometimes breath-taking-away twinge and sensation makes me wonder if IT is about to begin. But it hasn’t. It will eventually, I know.

The problem with feeling almost totally ready is that you’re then waiting. We’re only “almost” ready because I still have some work to finish — like a 9 am interview tomorrow. And the house could do with some cleaning. And the crib mattress needs to be put up. But, other than work, it’s mostly little things. And I’m getting to the point where I’d even trade having to work right after Berry is born with not being pregnant anymore.

Silly me. Like I have a choice.

So wish me luck, and mostly patience. I’m grateful to have a full-term, healthy baby girl hanging out inside me. She’ll be here soon, I know.

2 thoughts on “Beginning to wait

  1. “Thinking I’m going to have an early baby is…well…self-torture, pretty much.”

    Oh, yes. Yes it is. Especially if your first was 3 weeks early! I hope you find peace in the next few days/weeks. Waiting can be stressful for everyone else, too, and when stress feeds on stress… well, that’s pretty torturous, too. Take it easy!!

  2. I had the same feeling about her being born on Easter too. I almost bought her a little pink fluffly Easter bunny the other day to mark the occasion – but I managed to restrain myself to kinda not jinx anything… 😉

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