Bath time fun

I was lamenting Duncan’s lack of bath toys the other day while my mum was visiting when she reached over and held up a possible “toy” and said, “Why don’t you use this?!”

“This” being the froggy sponge you see in this pictures.

It’s a bit rough, as sponges go, for use on soft, pretty clean baby skin. But it does hold a lot of water, which is useful in rinsing off the baby, or for trickling warm water on the baby in the bathtub.

Of course, it doesn’t get used for that too much. Most of the time it is crammed into Duncan’s mouth where he delights in knawing on it.

I’m not sure if the photo captures his look of pure enjoyment. You certainly don’t get the sound, mm-cha mm-cha mm-cha.

The challenge is in keeping the bathwater out of the sponge (it is a sponge, after all) and thus out of the baby. And then, in getting him to give it up so you can either use it or get him out of the bath.

He cried this evening when I pried it from his grasp. He’s reached a baby milestone – protesting when a toy is taken away.

Another milestone for the little dude is or has arrived. A tooth. I think just the one. The other is shortly on its way, though. I say “is or has arrived” because I’m not sure on what date the first tooth is officially here. Is it the day the first hard sharpness is felt protruding through the gum? (That would be yesterday.) The day it becomes so slightly visible? (That would be today.) The day it really pops through? How long does it take for it to really come up into the mouth, anyway?

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  1. Cute baby. Time to buy some ambasol or teethers for the aching gums.

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