Baby fever

We have a hot little baby.

He always did feel thermal in my belly – he kept me warm all last winter growing in there. This weekend, he’s a little hotter than usual. 101.8 F. And not terribly enjoying the experience.

The information we have from his pediatrician says not to worry. He’s fussier than usual, outright cranky and whiny sometimes, doesn’t want to nap on his own, that kind of thing. But he’s by no means inconsolable, or in obvious pain. No runny nose, clear lungs, no cough, no pulling on ears. Who knows what’s up.

We did get a new tooth break through the gum this morning. But a 102-degree fever seems a bit much for a tooth. Especially as it continued on today.

So we’ll call the peditrician’s office in the morning, presuming he’s still got a temperature then. I’m not terribly worried – since I’ve read I’m not supposed to be – but am a little concerned as it seems a bit mysterious, a fever with no other syptoms, and I want my little guy to be OK.

The good part is that I’ve had tons of snuggles with him this weekend. We started putting Duncan to sleep for naps while he’s still awake and I’ve been missing my cuddle time. I was feeling quite lonesome for it by the end of the work week. Given that he wouldn’t nap for the last two days unless he was being held, I’ve quite filled up my need for endless cuddles and movie-watching. At least for a day or two.