At this point, I’m completely incoherent

I’m sitting on my final flight, waiting to take off. Electronic devices that aren’t transmitting are approved, thankfully.

I started this journey at 3:30 a.m. yesterday and will end up at my destination about 21 hours later than planned. I’ve missed a meeting with a potential new client, some hang out time with friends, and a lot of sleep.

Still, I want to focus on the positive. All is well. Things happen for a reason. And there’s no one to be mad at.

Things I’m learning on this trip:
If you’re tired enough, you can sleep just about anywhere. In an airplane seat squished next to people you don’t know. In the terminal, laid out along a row of seats, head on your handbag and one hand on your carry on, waiting for a flight crew to arrive for your middle-of-the-night flight. In the swanky United club, curled into a nest, covered by a purloined airplane blanket and your winter coat, blocking out sound and light, managing to keep your feet off the furniture.

Being kind is always the way to go. Even when you’re so tired it’s become painful. And if  you can’t manage kindness because you learned you’re likely to miss your connecting flight and the gate attendant says the next available flight is 15 hours later, it’s OK to apologize.

Practice random acts of kindness whenever possible. Let someone else go first in line. Give out Club passes. Hold doors open. A nice lady held the bathroom door open for me earlier. It’s not much, but the kindness is appreciated. FYI, I didn’t write about the stuff I did to make you think I’m a nice person. It wasn’t a boast. I did it because it’s good to remember there are good people doing good things in the world.

My friends are awesome.

There was something else, but I’ve forgotten. And we’re about to take off.