Argh. Technology

I had a lovely rant about my iTunes software not working on my PC (making my mum think she shouldn’t buy me that iPod stereo dock that I want for Christmas). And my server ate it.

I’m guessing they had some kind of technical issues, because my site and e-mail were down for a while over the weekend. And then my blog post disappeared (they must have gone to a backup which didn’t have the post on it). Of course, that makes me wonder if I lost e-mail, too. But we’ll never know.

Anyway. It appears that my rant was needless. No, iTunes hasn’t magically started working on my computer. But I’ve discovered that it’s not the only program that will read iTunes imported files and connect to my iPod. Real Player does. I was surprised.

First I tried Windows Media Player. I wasn’t happy about it. I’ve never liked WMP. And it didn’t recognize any of the dozens of CDs I’d previously imported through iTunes. So then I launched Real Player and voila! It does everything I need it to.

I still prefer the functionality of iTunes (plus I’m used to it). But overall, I’ll pick the program that actually works and lets me listen to music. šŸ™‚

Before I was feeling stuck that I had an iPod – of which I am rather fond – but no software to sync it with. One of the reasons I spent more $$ for less GB and got an iPod was that I loved iTunes so much, if you can believe that (plus they look really cool). But I’m sticking with the iPod, so go ahead and buy me that speaker dock for it, Mum. šŸ˜‰