Aqueous population stabilized

I haven’t been blogging (much to my mother’s discontent) because I want to talk about something other than the fish. Plus, I always feel at least midly guilty writing at work (even though I’m having my afternoon 15-minute break right now with a cup of Early Morning Riser tea).

And I haven’t wanted to admit what’s happened.

Narky died. Came home one day and found him floating, lips up to the surface. He wasn’t just getting a bit of air. He was a complete gonner. Froggy (was is that same evening) had one foot stuck in the filter. I freed him and took him to the pet store to see if Lisa could help him recover, but sadly, he died within a few days.

I got a new fat frog though and 3 more neons. Now I have a frog (who’s amazingly still alive, just not very hoppy) and 3 neons. Yep, three of them died. One by one.

Finally figured out the problem, thankfully. The hunk of driftwood we got for the tank was leaching and turning the water yellow. Once removed (and half the water was replaced), the population ceased dying. That was last Wednesday — Halloween.

So that’s the fishy update.