Answers to the top 10 questions you didn’t realize you were asking

And asking. Over and over again. It’s completely normal and natural, I know. There are certain questions that people ask at certain times in your life (When’s the wedding date? How’s married life treating you? etc.) because that’s just what people do.

In case you’ve been tempted lately, here are the answers to the questions you want to ask me, or have been asking me repeatedly.

1. July 10
2. Yes, it’s a boy
3. Duncan
4. Yes, we’re excited
5. Yes, I’m ready
6. Right, the heat sucks, but I don’t have cankles
7. I’m just uncomfortable. It’s been pretty easy so far
8. It’s OK, I just get up a lot to pee
9. 8 to 8 1/2 pounds, they tell me
10. Not too much room to do that anymore, more squirming and alien belly movements, but he does his best

And, yes, I’m getting a little tired and cranky. Six more days until the mythical due date.