An Easter full of fun, bunnies and chocolate

In the frenzy of Easter, I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have. In fact, I think I missed out on all of the egg hunts. Yes, all of them. There was the one on the first floor of Adam’s house on Sunday morning. Then, after Sam gained consciousness for the day, there was the one in the basement playroom. At church, there was an Easter basket hunt (already filled with eggs). Finally, at home, after naps we had a the final hunt of the day.

How did I fail to get photos of at least one of these egg hunts? I don’t know. Sometimes just being in the moment feels like enough.

However, I did capture the egg dyeing extravaganza on Saturday afternoon.

Here, Duncan (wearing his new pink music note shirt from Grandma), decides what egg to dye next.

Berry gets up close with the camera.

Duncan eats string cheese while looking at stickers.

Berry checks out her unhappy face egg. (She wanted the next one to be a happy egg.)

And some of us clearly have an egg dyeing problem. I think Adam was deprived.

We did get a bunch of video which captured some of the hunt.

All in all, it was a very full weekend, a little crazy at times, but good. The kids each got three Easter bunnies. Combined with last year’s, I can safely say that the cuddly toys are breeding like rabbits in our house. They love them, though. And I’m getting used to laying down on a lumpy bed when I give them goodnight cuddles.

Next weekend is Berry’s birthday…