Adventures in poop

WARNING: This blog has been officially taken over by baby-itis.

There are a lot of things I’m learning as a new parent. And I think I’m doing pretty well. Things like:

  • Don’t take crying personally.
  • Sleeping babies are very cute.
  • Awake babies are also very cute, even when they start to cry.
  • Babies poop.
  • A lot.
  • And have the ability to project their poop long distances.
  • And all over everything.

Yes, we’ve had our first explosive poop experience. And second.

The first was during our first visit to the pediatrician on Friday with our little 1 1/2-day-old child. He pooped right as we put him into the car seat. And we didn’t realize that he’d need to get naked while there – to be weight accurately and examined – so we didn’t change him right away. Instead we let him sit in his poop. And got to change him in the office.

So another thing I’ve learned is about what’s good to have in your diaper bag. I’m sure there’s more to learn there, but we’ve come along way so far.

The second poop episode was…the other day. Day before yesterday maybe? (Hey, I’m sleep deprived, I’m lucky I can remember anything right now). Duncan was having his first visit with his grandma (Kevin’s mum) and decided he needed to eat shortly after she arrived. So he got the boobies, then got changed. During the changing of the poopy diaper, he decided to poop some more. A lot more. And unsuspecting mum wasn’t ready for the arc of scrambled-egg-poop that gracefully leapt from his bottom and surpassed the end of the changing pad and into the basket of supplies.

And then he peed. He did that at the pediatrician’s office too. Fortunately he hasn’t got much aim going on with the pee yet.

In other diaper-related news, we got our first batch of cloth diapers today. I think we can handle it, but I also think they’ll take just a little getting used to. He’s already so big I don’t think he’ll fit in the newborn-sized covers for very long at all, if they even fit right now. Which reminds me, I need to order more 7th Generation, chlorine-free diapers online…

3 thoughts on “Adventures in poop

  1. Oh, congratulations! He’s a cutie! And you’re now officially a mom: as if being pregnant and giving birth weren’t enough, you now blog about poop. 😉

  2. My unsolicited advice: buy the rug cleaner NOW. My oldest is a boy. He’s 12 now, but I remember those changing table episodes vividly.

  3. Jo, JenB from the BBC July thread here, just wanted to say Duncan is adorable! I love reading your blog since James and Duncan were born only 1 day apart… I kinda feel like we have a lot in common with our boys. Your poop adventures cracked me up! Such a funny post!

    Take care, and feel free to visit our site if you ever want…


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