Adventures in baby land

So Mr. Serious (pictured left this morning) and I had errands to run today – buying cat food, exchanging some baby clothes, spending a gift card or two, grocery shopping, that kind of thing.

We ended up at Greece Ridge Mall, doing a couple of those errands. Along the way, I stopped in Old Navy and bought a couple of pairs of pants — in size 10. I was very excited. I’d resorted to buying a pair of capris several weeks ago as I had no shorts that fit me (either way too small or too big due to being from either massively preggo or pre-preggo) and there were no longer any shorts for sale anywhere. They were a size 14. It’s what fit.

Granted, the size 10 isn’t baggy on me, but whatever. I really will lose weight this time. And, one day, fit back into my normal size 6 and 8 clothes.

I started going through the clothes I’d hidden away in the upper reaches of my closet yesterday. I’d forgotten I once fit into a size 6. I have all these size 6 clothes! Huh.

Anyway. So I bought a pair of pants for work and a pair to hang around in (both on sale of course). And then we went to Baby Gap to exhange a sleeper for a bigger size. Yes, he’s outgrowing stuff that’s supposed to be too big for him already. Along the way, at some point, he fell asleep.

But I knew he’d be waking up soon and be hungry. So I grabbed some lunch in the foot court, relieved myself in the restroom and woke him up with the loud flush of the toilet. Great. Now he’s awake and I’m not nursing in the mall restroom sitting on the toilet.

I picture myself sitting in the food court, trying to nurse discreetly and being asked to leave the premises by some mall employee. You know, because the boobie is making people uncomfortable or something.

But no. I walked out of the restroom and saw a sign on a door on the opposite wall. Break room for nursing mothers. Something like that. I got security to unlock it and let me in and there was a couch and rocking chair, sink, paper towels and a changing station.

I was very impressed. And relieved.

So Duncan ate happily. And pooped. And when I went to change him I was even more relieved we were in a nice private room with a sink. There was so much poop. So much. Up his back, through his onesie, through his pants. Onto my pants. Good thing I bought some.

So we all got changed eventually. And continued on our errands. I just think it’s awesome they have a room for nursing mums.

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