A weekend of spring

The weather turned lovely for a few days. Truly beautiful and springlike.

So we went outside and enjoyed it.

My mum took this one — Berry was tired and pouty, so she lay down on the grass and may have fallen asleep there:

From 2010-04-April

This weekend we went to Hendrick’s Park on Sunday to enjoy the weather. Swinging is always a favorite sport:

The kids also enjoyed a good pile on. Berry wanted in on the action, too. I was relieved to see Sam pile on top very carefully so he didn’t squish any small people:

This rock apparently was made to be a recliner:

And when it came time to go home to cook dinner, Duncan needed some persuading. He wanted to keep playing:

But we returned home to an outdoor dinner. This photo doesn’t capture the beautiful golden light settling over the back yard. But it was lovely:

Here’s a video mashup of our Hendrick’s park outing, with video by me, Adam and Sam: