A weekend cross-country trek

This past weekend, I flew across the country. Twice.

Three times a year, Kevin and I fly the kids back and forth from Eugene, OR, to Rochester, NY, so they can spend time with him and his family.

In July, I spent a couple of days and had a bit of Rochester relaxation time. This time, we flew out on Saturday afternoon, arrived at midnight, and I left again at 2 pm on Sunday. I got home at 11 pm on Sunday night. And went to work at 8 am on Monday morning.

It’s a 2+ hour drive from home to the Portland airport. I put a movie on my netbook for the kids.

Fortunately, they travel well. We got through security with no problem (no invasive scanners at PDX) and arrived in Chicago. Duncan and Berry loved the moving walkways and Duncan thought the changing ceiling lights in Chicago were especially cool.

He also liked the pizza.

We have pizza at home once a week or so. It’s an Adam tradition: Pizza and Mythbusters. Unfortunately, Duncan is fickle about the pizza. This Chicago airport pizza, however, this he declared he likes. Hey, it’s only a 4-hour flight away.

Then the kids needed to get their wiggles out–apparently by climbing airport fixtures.

I kept them occupied on the flight with picture drawing and Dora watching. I thought for sure they’d snooze off to dream land at some point. But nope. Until we were landing in Rochester.

After waiting a bit for our cases, we got them, met my friend Karen outside and zoomed off to her house. Her guest bed is a King size, so the kids and I piled in together.

At some point during the night, I decided that it would be more comfortable to lie across the end of the bed, rather than sleeping between them. So, I lay, like their dutiful doggie, at the foot off the bed, while they loudly slept above. (Berry snores.)

During the night, Duncan woke up a bit, sat up in bed and realigned himself with me. Berry did the same. And this is how I found them in the morning.

After they woke up, Kevin came to pick them up. They jumped into his arms.

And then told him about the things they’d made and brought for him (there was lots of picture making on Saturday morning before we left, as well as during the flight).

And then they were off, leaving Karen and I to hang out for a bit, then go out for lunch and back to the airport.

My return trip was fine. I almost ended up being scanned by a millimeter wave scanner at the Rochester airport. But then it needed to be calibrated and I was sent through the regular metal detector. Phew. Hopefully the kids and Kevin will have the same good fortune on their return trip on Tuesday.

It’s odd not having the kids around. Mornings are much easier. Evenings are long and quiet. I have time to do things like organize photos and blog! I miss them, but I know they’re having a good time with their dad and that connection is really important.