A typical, glamorous Saturday

Weekends aren’t glamorous, but I love them.

I love my job, but the grind–of getting up and ready for work in the morning and getting everyone out the door relatively on time and the evening routine of feeding, bathing and putting to bed–gets old by Friday. There’s not much time for FUN in there when you’re focused on moving from one thing to another to keep the life machine going. (Although, some mornings I do animate a cuddly toy as it somehow gets more attention than my plain old mummy voice.)

Weekends are a blessing. There’s still stuff to get done – like grocery shopping on a Saturday morning and mowing the lawn. But there’s also time for play, time to be outside in the garden, time to color with the kids or show them how to play the Wii.

Today’s activities involved pretending to be doggies with Emma (video courtesy of the Droid phone). Sam did his best to pretend he couldn’t hear the barking.

After nap, it was time to play in the garden. I realized the grass needed a good mow and my mum felt compelled to document the occasion. I’ll spare you the video of me pushing the rotary mower around the front yard in a seemingly random pattern (it works for the Roomba) and leave you with this photo instead.

From 2010-02-February