A trip to monitor hell

Sometimes it’s best to just start over.

It’s been a rough week, or almost that. A quick spat with the band mates, a postponed lunch dates, a house I really liked gone to a higher bidder. Nothing huge in and of itself. But all overshadowed by an odd-month-out of PMS and some post-breakup fallout. The sinus infection hasn’t helped.
This evening was a bummer. If it wasn’t for the need to recover fully from this nasal cavity thing, I’d be out on my bike, pedaling off the stress. But my body won’t cooperate.
So, after researching the effects of alcohol on antibiotics this afternoon, I decided to finish off a (mostly full) bottle of wine sitting in the fridge. And reformat my harddrive.
I’ve been meaning to do it for a while (reformat the harddrive, not finish the wine).
I made a list (and checked it multiple times) of all the software I need to reinstall. I moved all my documents to another drive. Well, except for my most recent Quicken files, but I realised this only AFTER reformatting was complete and I’d imbibed a couple of glasses of wine, so it didn’t seem all the bad. I’m sure I backed it up fairly recently.
Life’s a little bit softer this evening seen through wine-stained glasses.
Life is also, generally, a great big learning experience. Here’s what I’ve been learning tonight:

1. It really is important to back up your files. ALL of them. Including your bookmarks, e-mail and address book (even if Outlook doesn’t recognize them when you try to import them later). Quicken data files are good things to backup too.

2. Those pesky serial numbers and Microsoft “product keys.” You really do need them. Find the little manual that has them on it BEFORE you reinstall Windows (and go fumbling through drawers looking for them).

3. Enjoying alcoholic beverages may improve your mood and smooth out a few bumps along the reformatting journey, but it does make it harder to type in aforementioned serial/registration codes.

4. Music helps – either playing some in the background or making some yourself (such as with a guitar or other instrument). Of course, my “CD player” downstairs in the apartment is my computer. I’m not a guy. Note: ALL guys have a stereo system. Said CD player, of course, has been in use installing the operating system.

5. Nothing helps — not wine, not anything — when you’re stuck in monitor hell. Monitor hell (def.): 640 by 480, 16-colour. Nothing I do seems to help. The installation disk that came with the monitor would be where?????

At least the cable modem is working.