A time of many firsts

Time is such a malleable thing.

The weeks seem to fly by – Duncan is 26 weeks old today – how did half a year go by already?
And yet certain days seem so slow. Looking ahead, the end of the month seems like such a long time away. 8 more working days. Those days feel long when you look ahead at them. But then they go by pretty fast.

Duncan has 2 teeth now.

I saw him roll for the first time today. Twice. I’d heard reports that he’s been rolling for a while, but I’d never seen it.

He sits. He sits really well, all on his own.

He says da-da-da-da-di. Ocassionally, ma-ma-ma. Originally it was blah-blah-blah but he doesn’t say that so much anymore. Why, when you can say something that sounds like “hey there” and “hi” and “I love you?”

He started clapping his hands together today. It became The Most Fascinating Thing Ever for him. He didn’t want to stop doing it and go to sleep tonight.

My little guy, growing up, learning new things, becoming less of a baby every day as he explores his new world. It’s wonderful to be a part of (I’ll deal with the bittersweet).

I’ve been writing in his baby book and I realized just how many firsts he’s going through right now. Just zooming right on through. Good thing we started solid food a couple of months ago or I’d have that to deal with too! He loves his food – 3 meals a day most days, cereal plus 4 oz of fruit/veggie/meat dinner. There’s still quite a lot of foods he hasn’t tried yet – mostly because I can’t find them organic, but some we’re holding off on for a bit and some I just haven’t gotten to. I want to be there when he tries each food for the first time, so that leaves less opportunity right now.

They said this time would go by fast. I had no idea, I couldn’t have. Time is measured differently when you have children. There’s something so much more concrete to measure it against and see its progression and passing.