Our talks this year at the Center for Spiritual Living – Eugene have been based off Mary Anne Radmacher’s book, Live Boldly. I bought the book in January and, so far, have only managed to drop it into the bathtub. I can’t seem to read paper books anymore. So I got the kindle version and finally started reading it.

The first chapter implores us to find our mission. If I were a corporate entity (or non-profit organization) what would my mission be?

When I first heard those words a few weeks ago during a service and was asked to figure out why I’m here (i.e. alive, on the planet), the thought that immediately sprung to mind was “to play and be mischievous.” I’m not sure how well that works out as a doable mission statement.

Hi, I’m Joanna and I’m here to be playful in your life!

On further consideration (and after actually reading that part of the book), I come up with a desire to create and express. Mary Anne writes that her mission is “to inspire and be inspired.” My longing and driving force in life is to express myself.

There are a number of ways I managed to weave that mission throughout my days, and not in the obvious: writing navel-gazing stuff like this.

Cooking for my family is an expression — of love, of flavor, of passion for good, tasty, nutritious food.

Knitting in the evenings (OK, and during church and meetings) is creation.

Pruning our unruly garden into shape and growing fruits and vegetables helps the earth express its beauty (and tastiness).

Playing music — my own or others — is an obvious expression of creativity.

But even writing stories for a donor newsletter or editing brochures about different ways you can make a donation creates and expresses as well. I suppose I’m well-suited to my career. Or I’ve chosen a career that allows me to fulfill my personal mission while helping other organizations further theirs.

Sometimes I lament my lack of time to do the things I love. “If I didn’t have to work….I’d finally write my novel and play more music!” But I also need to recognize that I have found ways to weave my mission throughout my days and celebrate that.

Perhaps I can express more of who I am — through music, through writing (you know, right here). OK, I can certainly express more of me, Joanna, personally. But I’m also doing a good job of living my mission in all the aspects of how I spend my days. That’s a good thought to hold onto.