A look into Christmas past continues

Here’s the letter from 2001. I’d better keep working on this year’s.

Silandara’s Christmas Catch-up Letter 2001

Where did the year go? I think I spent most of it wishing for the weekend. And then as soon as the weekend got around, it was Monday morning again. Why do we spend our lives wishing the time away?

In any case, here�s Silandara�s quickie year-in-review and 2001 milestones:

In February, I landed a job at Rochester Institute of Technology doing media relations and web design. It�s mostly a great job although it drives me nuts many days. I wear a lot of hats and some of them are more comfortable to wear than others.
Along with the new job came the ability to go back to school part-time (for free!). So now I�m somewhat intent on finishing a degree in SOMETHING. At one class at a time, it should only take me about 10 years.

In April I moved into my own place in the city, making this the first time since my previous attempt at college that I�ve lived on my own. It was my fifth move in 14 months. For the first 3 weeks, I was in heaven. I�d wander around this space that was MINE, ALL MINE. No one to tell me what to do or that I need to wash the dishes. Then reality sank in that there was only Hobbes to come home to each night. I�m back to enjoying it again although I realize I can only take short expanses of my own company. After about 6 hours, I have to go out and be with other people.

During the course of the spring, I lost 15 pounds and have somehow ended up in several major women�s magazines and the local newspaper because of something food- or weight-loss-related. I think that comes with the PR job. I consider it good experience for what I want to accomplish with my music.

The summer was spent at work looking out the window, out partying and socializing, at the beach (swimming in the frigid waters of Lake Ontario), and winnowing down the harem to my current steady flame. I�ve mostly given up cleaning and folding laundry. Perhaps there was a benefit to living with someone�

In September, I started playing out (in public) with my band, Oak � an acoustic folk-rock duo. It�s a lot of fun, but it�s the hardest thing I�ve ever done. Our future band web site (which may or may not be up as you read this) is at www.oaktheband.com. Join the mailing list and find out where we�re playing next.

The end of September saw the one-year celebration of my anniversary in Rochester as well as my 10-year anniversary of arriving in the United States (these momentous events occurred within one day of each other). I�m still cleaning up the beer stains from the party.

My highlight for November was the purchase of a �new� vehicle � a 1997 Saturn SL2. I�ve finally achieved the American dream � debt. Maybe next year I�ll buy a house. Then I�ll truly be assimilated. I�m back to driving a car, which it turns out I�m rather glad about, but I need some new bumper stickers. I miss my �Well behaved women rarely make history.� At least people knew what they were getting into when they met me.

I always wonder at the closing of the year what�s in store in the year ahead. I have a lot of plans, as always. I even have a couple of New Year�s resolutions (they mostly have to do with exercising, cleaning the house and avoiding simple carbohydrates). Even with everything that�s happening with the economy and the world, I�m hopeful. Each day I work on living my dreams, and with each small step, I get a little closer.
I live an abundant life � full of friendship and laughter, music, good food, spirit, and many fond thoughts of those I don�t get to see so often. It is a life I am most grateful for, even with its bumps and bruises. Thank you for being a part of it.

Merry Christmas, seasons greetings, have a joyful Yuletide and Solstice.
May the blessings of the earth be upon you and yours.
Go in peace.