9-month photo shoot

Duncan’s 9-month-a-versary was yesterday.

It seemed like an important day for me. More so than any other month, even 6 months. Maybe it’s because he spent 9 months on the inside and now he’s had 9 months on the outside. He’s a seasoned pro at this being a baby thing.

In honor of that, I dressed him up in some cute clothes (a 24-month size onesie and 18-month size pants), plopped him on the living room floor with some toys and snapped away.


If you click on either photo, it’ll take you to my flickr photostream where you can look at the rest of the day’s shots.

4 thoughts on “9-month photo shoot

  1. Duncan is beautiful, but I have to ask….why did you have a child when you so clearly do not want one. You refer to him as “the child”, it’s very cold. Not everyone is meant to be supermom, and that’s a good thing, but if it shows in your writing that you would rather he wasn’t around, don’t you suppose it’s obvious to him too?

  2. Umm…don’t quite know how you got the idea I didn’t want a baby or that I don’t like being his mum. I absolutely adore Duncan. But I don’t think I need to refer to him as “my darling baby” all the time for that to be obvious.

    As far as calling him “the child,” part of that was in reference to his size – which is child size rather than baby size. The other part is just how I speak. It’s got nothing to do with being cold. Maybe British. But not cold.

  3. You do not have to defend yourself against obvious judgemental stupidity. It’s obviously someone who does not know who you truly are

  4. It seems to me that that person read only those 2 words in the entire post. Every other word is about how much you adore Duncan.

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