Gardening then and now

I have such fond memories of gardening in North Carolina that I thought I should explore my old photos of the garden. I can only find photos from the first year — when I was still creating the beds. Nothing from when I’d replaced most of the raised stone beds with cement blocks. Oh well.

But it did jog my memory that I used to fill soda bottles with water to make an insulating water wall for the tomato plants. And we had a cold frame. I plan to try both of those next spring,

Most of the garden is planted this year. I still have bush beans and pole beans, maybe some more lettuce and spinach seeds to plant. And the basil will need transplanting in a week or two. New this year: straw potatoes. I’m very excited about them. I vaguely recall trying them in North Carolina, but I don’t remember how they turned out. I think I grew them the second year, so maybe I never got to harvest them.

The first year I got serious about growing a vegetable garden, I kept a meticulous gardening journal. It’s crossed my mind that I could blog about it now.

In any case, here are some photos of this year’s garden and other pics of my gardening years. It has more things planted now. I took these a week or two ago. I wanted to get evidence of my square-foot grid, even though the beds aren’t traditional square foot beds. It’s still an awesome growing method.

2008 – in the wilderness mountains of North Carolina
Garden 1998

Garden 1998
2001 – my little square foot container garden on my apartment’s back deck and working in a community garden down the road from where we now live

2001 garden


2008 – this year’s garden beds, ready to plant!

Garden grid 2008

Garden grid 2008

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