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I updated stuff. (registries and a page for the baby, just like I said I would)

In other news…oh, there’s nothing really. Going to pick up my car from the collision repair place after my neighbour ran into it after backing down her driveway. I’m not fond of rental cars, so it’ll be nice to have Emma back. (Yes, I’ve named my car.)

My friend Steph said that I’m the best person to get in an accident with because I’m so laid back about stuff. I felt like something was coming up and I’m just glad that’s all it was and I wasn’t in the car. The insurance takes care of everything and other than the slight inconvenience of having a couple more errands to run and driving a rental for 3 days, it’s really no big deal.

Remember those Morris Pratt Courses I’ve been taking to become an NSAC certified medium? I’d put them aside while I was feeling really crappy but I’m back at work on them now. I’m currently putting off writing the essay for the end of one lesson while I write this blog post instead. But I’ve told myself that I’ll go and pick up my car (which is ready) only after I’ve finished it. So I’d better go concentrate and just crank it out. I prefer to write eloquent essays about this stuff (out of body experiences and direct voice phenomena in this lesson) but maybe just slamming down 500 words onto the page is OK this time. I think I’ll ask the midwife next week if I’m iron deficient (and thus tired).

OK, no more procrastinating (that’s the word I was looking for instead of “putting off.” Big words elude me now).