Blogging in my head

I had an entire blog entry floating around my head earlier. Can’t remember it now. Not even a glimmer. It was really rather good, too.

No idea what it was about at all. Hashing? Getting home last night to find Kevin on our neighbour’s porch drinking port wine, hidden between the darkness and the hanging plants? Stretching my rib cage during the day even as I forget to do my morning exercises? Or nightly vocal lessons, for that matter.

I get to buy a charcoal and gas grill today. Thanks Mum! 🙂

My brain is full of holes
like cheese I haven’t eaten in ages
because I’m on this damn diet.
3 weddings in one year.
Shouldn’t someone have taken me aside and told me I was insane to do this?
But somehow it all feels right.
Tired people shouldn’t write so much.

That’s it. Tiredness. I finally rested last night.

I woke up this morning feeling like I’d gotten some rest. Not just sleep, but rest.

We got most of the main bedroom done (painted and furniture moved in and all that). It needs some molding and I need to paint over a few spots where the green paint mysteriously jumped off the wall and onto the ceiling. But it’s almost done. (It looks good.) So we started sleeping in there this week. And I haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep.

I’ve been sleeping on the wrong side of the bed.

We switched sides last night. What a difference. I’ve been sleeping on the right side of the bed for… a good 3 years at least since I’ve been in a double bed again (I did a 9-month stint in a single bed in North Carolina. I loved sleeping with the window open in the early summer, the cool morning mountain air wafting over me as I woke up. No one waking me up at night as they turn over or need to be turned as they start to snore). My back doesn’t hurt this morning (through my knees do after hashing last night). I feel like crap right now — that mid-morning, just had a cup of tea but still sleepy at work thing. But I felt significantly more rested when I woke up.

How can sleeping on a different side of the bed make that much difference?

(It really was rather good in my head, lying in tangled purple sheets, waking to sunlight [we have no curtains] and Kevin getting up to go work, falling back asleep again.)